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The Synod is committed to providing two staff consultants for the congregations and presbyteries of the Synod. Funds for these vital resources are allocated from the financial support received from all presbyteries in the Synod, Presbyterians Sharing and WMS. This funding covers the costs of the work of these consultants, allowing all congregations in the Synod to access their services at no extra cost. We are currently working on a strategy to ensure funding will remain in place for this ministry. The Synod also supports the Christian camping ministry at Camp Cairn.

Faith Formation

tori smit

Is Christian education a priority for your congregation? Do your goals for education include every member? Would your congregation benefit from some training to better serve confirmation classes, adult study groups, multi-generational events and mission education? Tori Smit is the Regional Minister for Faith Formation for the Synod. She is a diaconal minister and Christian Education Consultant with many years of experience. She is at the forefront of emerging Christian education research and resources for all ages and areas of congregational life. Contact Us.

Congregational Development

JP Smit

Is your congregation in need of some refreshing? Are you wondering about your strengths and gifts as a congregation and how you might effectively equip individuals and groups to better lead one another? Rev. John-Peter Smit is the Congregational Development Consultant for the Synod and has served the church as an ordained minister for more than 20 years. He is qualified to help your congregation with leadership development, visioning for outreach, resolving disputes, raising awareness of church development trends and providing pastoral care. Contact Us.