Meet the Synod Staff

Rev. Dr. John-Peter Smit (B.A., M.Div., D.Min.)

Rev. Dr. John-Peter Smit has served large and small Presbyterian congregations throughout Ontario, Canada, and the U.S. since 1986, and as synod regional staff since 2006. With a wealth of experience, JP and is passionate about helping churches become and stay healthy, resolve conflict, and envision who God is calling them to be. JP is happy to come and lead a workshop, visit over coffee, and/or answer emails and chat on the phone about eldership, stewardship, and any aspect of congregational health. JP can be reached at

Dr. Tori Smit (Dip.CE, B.A., D.Ed.Min)

Dr. Tori Smit has served Presbyterian congregations and regions as a Diaconal Minister and professional Christian educator since 1982. Believing that we are all called to life-long faith formation, Tori helps churches in their educational ministries with children, youth, adults and older adults. Tori is committed to intergenerational ministry, supporting churches to worship, learn and share their stories of faith with one another. Tori is happy to come alongside congregations to lead workshops, meet up over tea, and answer your concerns through emails and phone calls. Tori can be reached at

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