Women’s Missionary Society

WMS Purpose: “The Women’s Missionary Society is a community of Christians whose purpose, in response to the love of God in Jesus Christ, is to encourage one another and all the people of the church to be involved in local and world mission through prayer, study, service and fellowship.”

Overview of Synodical:
Our Synodical was previously called Toronto-Kingston Synodical and was formed in 1947.
We became the Synodical of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda when the synod was renamed.
We serve the groups and Presbyterials of the Synodical, and in turn are responsible to the WMS Council of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Organizational Structure:
Our local groups relate to their Presbyterial, and through the Presbyterial to the Synodical, and then to the WMS Council (National) of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Presbyterials: 11 (3 are inactive as Presbyterials but some local groups continue)
Barrie – President Janice Terry, jterrn616@rogers.com
Brampton*- Contact person Kim Shepherd, kimbers1269@gmail.com
Han Ca East
Kingston – President Susan Down, downs4@xplornet.com
Lindsay – President Lizz Hoyle, lhoyle7@gmail.com
Oakridges* – Contact person Bonnie Mooney, bonniemooney@sympatico.ca
Peterborough – President Carolyn Brackenridge, cobracky@hotmail.com
East Toronto – President Katherine Allen, kathanne5219@gmail.com
West Toronto – President Janet Brewer, janet.brewer@sympatico.ca
Waterloo-Wellington – President Jean Godin, ray.godin@gmail.com

** If you are interested in joining a group in your local area please contact the Minister of your local congregation to obtain the group’s contact person, or the Presbyterial President or Contact Person.

For further information contact the Synodical President Janice Terry, jterrn616@rogers.com.

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