Congregational Development

interior churchHere are some articles and other resources for your congregation to aid in development. From financial to spiritual matters, we hope that you and your congregation can gain whatever crucial insights you need for continued growth and development. Check out the congregational development archive for a full list of resources.

Church Behavioral Covenant Example Preamble: We recognize that we are a diverse group of believers holding differing viewpoints. We are, however, united in our belief that God wants us to love God, one another, and ourselves: To that end, we hereby covenant both individually and as a Session, Board of Deacons, and Congregation to embrace…Click Here to Read More

Adult Personal Conflict Style Inventory This survey will calculate your preferred method of dealing with conflict Please Note: The reflection this inventory can create is more important – and more reliable- than the numbers calculated from your responses to this form. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, nor have we “standardized” this instrument. Some takers…Click Here to Read More

Critical Decision Making for Congregations 1. Ask the Right Questions What is the scope of our inquiry? Who are the strategic people? How can we accumulate relevant information? What questions do we need to answer before we proceed? Can we do research? (before/ during / after?) 2. Document, Document, Document Get/ use appropriate technology…Click Here to Read More


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