2015 Service of Installation for WMS Officers

Each spring WMS groups, presbyterials and synodical install newly elected officers into executive positions of the Women’s Missionary Society for the upcoming season. At annual meetings across the synodical officers are installed through special services that ask both the executive officers and the WMS members to together make a covenant with God for the work and witness ahead of them. Each year this installation service reminds us that the work that we do is not our own, but is God’s. In this service of installation for 2015 you will find the keynote text for the April Annual meeting of Synodical, Mark 4:26-29, used to remind us all that while we work for the kingdom of God, it is God that is the one that brings life to this garden, who grows this garden, and brings it to harvest. Please feel free to use this service of installation with your group, presbyterial or synodical as you commit to this season ahead.

Click here for the 2015 Service of Installation for WMS Officers 

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