On The Way to Bethlehem: An Advent Devotional Booklet to Download

I want to share with you this year’s Advent Devotional booklet entitled On the Way to Bethlehem.

Starting on Sunday, November 29, 2020 this simply laid out devotional guide will help you begin your journey to Bethlehem. Over the four weeks of Advent you will read wonder-filled stories from scripture that will have you walking with the prophet Isaiah, Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the Magi, until you finally reach Bethlehem. There, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day you will hear the story of the birth of Jesus and gather with those you have been walking with to witness this special gift of God.

Inside this little resource you will find an introduction to Advent along with weekly themes, daily bible readings and stories, wondering questions for reflection, and short prayers.

On the Way to Bethlehem has been written to be used by all ages. You have the choice to follow the daily scripture readings, or to read a weekly selection of stories from the Spark Story Bible for families with younger children. Or, you could choose to read both alongside each other.

This devotional booklet can be downloaded for personal use, or can be downloaded, photocopied and distributed to the members of your congregation. Please feel free to use it either way.

The file for downloading the booklet can be found at the end of this article. When you open the file you will see that it looks out of order. Don’t worry; everything is exactly as it should be. The pages look out of order because it has been saved as a pdf document ready to be assembled into a folded, three page booklet.

If you wish to print out one copy for personal use, download the attached file, and then print it out as a two-sided document, short-edge binding. Fold it in half as you would a church bulletin and it is ready to use.

If you wish to print it for future photocopying, print it out as a one-sided document. You will note that this means you will printing out 6 pages. You will discover that the second page will be blank. Don’t remove it from the collection. This is the inside of the cover page and should be blank. Photocopy all six pages as a two-sided document. Once photocopied, assemble the pages together, fold each set into booklet form, and then staple along the folded edge.

I hope you and your church finds joy and delight in this opportunity to spend time each day with these wonder-filled stories of the birth of Jesus.

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