Report on Synodical Annual Meeting and WMS Council Meeting

Our synodical president, Joy Randall, has written a letter to all groups letting us know about the events and decisions of the 2015 Synodical Annual Meeting and the Biennial National Council Meeting of the WMS held this spring. This letter was circulated to all presbyterials for their distribution to all the groups in their bounds.  If you did not receive the letter, or wish to reread the letter, it has been attached to this blog posting.

Also, included in this blog posting is the booklet of reports to the Synodical Annual Meeting so you can read about the work of the groups and presbyterials of the synodical and see the wonderful things that so many are doing.

Click here to see Joy’s letter re the Synodical and Council meetings

Click here to see the Annual booklet of reports for the 2015 Annual Synodical meeting

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