How Is Educational Ministry Going At Your Church?

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Happy New Year!

And, how is it going?

Thank you for all you’ve been doing to continue providing faith formation practices and Christian education programming for your church over the past couple of years. Providing educational ministry for all ages during Covid has been an incredible challenge and you have pivoted, adapted and changed focus each step of the way.

We’ve learned a lot too. We’ve highlighted families and the significant role parents play in the passing on of faith to their children, we’ve learned far more about technology than we ever imagined, we’ve embraced the word ‘hybrid’ and are beginning to understand that multiple points of access will be the new normal going forward, and we’ve come to see our church as not a building but a gathering no matter how that happens.

One of the great delights for me has also been the opportunity to get together in spite of geographical distances to share our experiences and challenges with one another; supporting each other as we grieve, listening to stories about the new things we’ve tried, and celebrating our successes during lock-downs and protocols.

We haven’t got together in a while and I wonder if it’s time for a check-in?

Let’s get together over Zoom (I know, we’re getting tired of Zoom) and find out how we’re all doing. I am not imagining an agenda or workshop presentation, just a time to meet and support one another as we all seek to do faith formation as best as we can during these times. We’ll open with a “How’s it going?”, move from there to questions you’d like answered, and then I’ll ask “What do you need from me?” And, we’ll get it all done within an hour.

How does that sound?

I’ve set up Zoom meetings for you to join in on either of Tuesday, February 1 at 12 noon (ET), and Wednesday, February 2 at 7:30 pm (ET). If you’d like to chat with other educators over Zoom please email me at and let me know you name, church name, and town. I’ll send you a Zoom link for both meetings (you can attend either with the same link).

I hope all is going well and can’t wait to see you.

Grace and peace, Tori

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