Our Journey Through Lent: A Devotional Booklet and Interactive Slide for Download

Are you looking for a simple Lent devotional resource to share with your families at home? Here’s one that’s free for download that leads participants of all ages through a complete reading of the Gospel of Mark.

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the gospels and is considered to be the first of the four to be written. There is a sense of urgency in Mark’s gospel to get it all out there as fast as possible so people can quickly hear and know “the good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” (Mark 1:1) With little commentary along the way, Mark leaps immediately into revealing Christ as the Messiah, through a wealth of parables, miracles, conversations and encounters with Jesus. If you have never read a gospel through from start to finish, Mark is a good one to begin with.

For families with young children the devotional booklet includes a selection of more age appropriate children’s bible stories that coincide with the bible readings for families to enjoy. Using either the Spark Story Bible or Growing in God’s Love families will enjoy three or more bible stories each week. Many of our church libraries have one or both of these children’s bible story books available to borrow and both books are also readily available on Amazon for purchase. And if you can’t find a copy of either of the bible story books, don’t worry, families can check out the interactive Google Slide that has a videoed story for each week of Lent for all ages to enjoy.

Our Lenten devotional booklet begins with an introduction to the season of Lent and the option of planting a table garden that will bloom for Easter Sunday. The devotional booklet then includes an overview of the scripture texts for that week along with an opening prayer for each day. Scripture readings are then laid out for Monday through Saturday accompanied by wondering questions to ponder and discuss. A weekly journal page provides a place for drawing or writing thoughts and ideas considered each week.

So how do you get both of these resources? Just click on the links at the bottom of this blog posting.

When you open the link for the booklet it will look all mixed up with the pages out of order. Don’t worry! It has been saved as a document ready for printing and assembling into a booklet form.

If you want to photocopy multiple copies of the booklet for distribution print out each page separately and then feed it collated through your photocopier as a double-sided document. Once printed simply fold each booklet in half like a church bulletin and staple on the fold.

If you just want to print out a single copy of the devotional booklet for yourself. Print the document out on the double-sided setting with the short-edge binding. You should then be able to take it from your printer, fold the document in half and you’re good to go.

If you would like to add the interactive Google Slide to your church’s website, facebook page or email to family homes, use the link you find at the end of the blog posting. You may also want to take a screen shot of the Google Slide above and then attach the link to the screen shot for any of these uses.

You will notice that the devotional booklet takes us all the way to Easter Sunday, but the Google Slide does not. Come back to this website mid-March to find a new interactive Google Slide for Holy Week that will include daily bible story readings along with other activities for all ages to participate in. It too will be available to be posted on your church webpage, facebook page or emailed to homes.

I hope you journey through Lent is filled with wonder and awe as you read the stories and teachings of Jesus.

Click HERE to download the devotional booklet

Click HERE to download the Interactive Slide

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