Video: How To Choose Sunday School Curriculum Resources

If you missed the Zoom gathering on Curriculum Selection last night, were there but would like to review what was presented, or are wanting to think about your Sunday school curriculum options for the fall, here’s a video for you.

In this half hour recording you will hear about a process for narrowing down your curricula options from a curated list of wonderful Sunday school materials.

While every one of the options are theologically and educationally appropriate for mainline Protestant and Reformed churches – there’s no way you can look at all of them all, there’s just too many to choose from! So, you will learn how to eliminate and narrow things down to a manageable list of options based on your church’s individual context and needs.

Then, you will discover how to review individual curriculum resource samples to discern if they are theologically, and educationally a good fit for your church.

Along with the video there are a couple of handouts which will help you work through this process.

The first is a curated list of curriculum resources suitable for Presbyterian churches. It breaks each of the options into groups to help you narrow things down, and provides website links for every one of the options. You can download this handout HERE.

The second handout is a ‘cheat sheet’ for reviewing the theological and educational stance of any curriculum sampler you download. It helps you walk your chosen sample lesson plans with an intentional focus on the content. You can download this handout HERE.

It is my hope, that this video will help you consider curriculum resources for the fall and fell confident in the choices you make. You can view the video HERE.

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