Critical Decision Making for Congregations

A Decision Making Process for Congregations

1. Ask the Right Questions

  • What is the scope of our inquiry?
  • Who are the strategic people?
  • How can we accumulate relevant information?
  • What questions do we need to answer before we proceed?
    • Can we do research? (before/ during / after?)

2. Document, Document, Document

  • Get/ use appropriate technology to reflect current realities.

3. Appropriately slow down the process.

  • Make sure we have time to make important decisions
    • Include information gathering
    • Resist deadlines – especially artificial ones
    • Don’t allow deadlines to manipulate.
  • Review the decision and the decision making process.
    • More questions
      • Were you heard?
      • Are you comfortable?
    • Make the process consistent.

4. Make my voice appropriately heard.

  • Advocate my own position
  • Function as facilitator
  • Bring together process with questions.

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