Church Behavioral Covenant Example

Church Behavioral Covenant Example


We recognize that we are a diverse group of believers holding differing viewpoints. We are, however, united in our belief that God wants us to love God, one another, and ourselves: To that end, we hereby covenant both individually and as a Session, Board of Deacons, and Congregation to embrace the following peacemaking behaviors both in our church life and in our everyday life:


  • Make Positive Statements and Say What We Want to Do
  • Be Focused Towards Our Goals
  • Recognize That All Voices Are Equal, Because God Is Personal but Never Private.
  • Keep Our Communications and Interactions Sacred, and as a Body, Keep Christ as the Center.
  • Listen to What Jesus Is Telling Us to Do.
  • Not Accept Intimidation as a Behavior in Any Form.
  • Exercise Patience, Gracefully Express Impatience and Agree to Stay Together in Community for the Good of the Body of Christ.
  • Be Open to Suggestion from All People.
  • Encourage Open, Honest, Graceful, and Face to Face Discussion, Where All Ideas Are Valued and Respected.
  • Encourage All Voices, Particularly the Quiet among the Body.
  • Provide a Safe, Non-judgmental and Sacred Space
  • Embrace and Appreciate Silence.
  • Forgive and Be Forgiven.
  • Recognize the Humanity and Error in All of Us.
  • Lead by Example.


We Hereby Covenant to Follow These Behaviors and Hold Each Other Accountable for Them.

[Created on 06/30/2007]


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