Crieff Hills Retreat and Conference Centre now offers training in spiritual direction


Crieff Hills, the retreat center owned and operated by the Presbyterian Church in Canada, has recently partnered with Ontario Jubilee to offer training for those who wish to become spiritual directors. It is an ecumenical program rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition and is open to everyone from all walks of life, including both clergy and lay people.   

Spiritual directors are trained companions who accompany others on their spiritual journey and help them grow closer to God. Most commonly they meet one on one, offering an opportunity to explore God’s presence in everyday life. It is an ancient spiritual practice meant for anyone who wishes to deepen their relationship with God and can take place once, or periodically over a long period of time. Usually spiritual directors charge a modest fee.   

Training to become a spiritual director at Crieff involves two courses: Phase 1 is a 16-month course which invites the exploration of one’s own spirituality, focusing on skill development in listening, discernment and contemplative living. Phase 2 is a 15-month practicum in spiritual direction, focusing on acquiring the skills needed to accompany others on their spiritual journey. Each course includes two five-day residencies at Crieff Hills Retreat Centre with several assignments to be completed at home throughout the year. All leadership is provided by experienced Jubilee spiritual directors. 

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