All Together Now: Intergenerational Worship is for Everyone, March 7, 2020 at Crieff Hills Retreat Centre


Musicians, ministers, worship teams and those involved in youth, child, senior and family ministries are invited to join Dr. Tori Smit and Chris Fischer to explore Intergenerational Worship.  Come and join us for a day of music, learning and discussion at Crieff Hills!   Please also share this interdenominational event with your colleagues.

Date:  Saturday March 7

Time:  9:30am to 3:30pm

Location: Conference Hall at Crieff Hills Retreat Centre, Puslinch

Cost: $65 (includes lunch)

Registration at, email or call 1 800 884-1525

Keynote Sessions:

First keynote – All Together Now: The Theology, History and Theory of Intergenerational Worship

Intergenerational worship is not a new thing; in fact it is a very, very old thing. Over time though we’ve let go of the intergenerational aspects of our worship and now find ourselves wondering what we might have lost and how we might claim it back again. Together we will hear the stories that reveal why intergenerational worship should be at the forefront of our worship planning. 

Second keynote – All God’s Children Got a Place in the Choir: How to Make a Place For Everyone?

Together we will consider what really makes intergenerational worship a delight for all ages. We’ll hear stories of intergenerational worship that is as traditional as it can be, and as non-traditional as you could possibly imagine – all of which achieve the goal of worship that is meaningful for all ages. We’ll specifically look at the music, liturgy, and preaching aspects of intergenerational worship and unpack how we can make them more appropriate for all generations. 

Third keynote – All You Need is Love (and Some Intentional Planning) 

With all of the best intentions, the reality is that a shift towards intergenerational worship takes a lot of hard and dedicated team work. In this last conversation we’ll talk about the ways to prepare the congregation, parents and children for a move towards intergenerational worship, anticipate some roadblocks we might encounter along the journey, and celebrate the incredible possibilities. 

We hope you can join us!

Crieff Hills Retreat Centre 

7098 Concession 1, Puslinch ON

1 800 884 1525

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