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Payroll Questions – Online Meetings – Digital Donations

As we continue to strive to be the church in new ways, I draw you attention to the following links designed to support you and the congregations.

  1. Payroll considerations during for Churches During COVID-19 Closures – and – Employment Insurance: FAQ

We’ve received a number of COVID-related employment questions recently. It is hoped the information found at this link will provide needed guidance. We are providing the web link to these two documents since they will be updated as new government programs that may affect the church are announced. For example, today the government announced changes to the Temporary Wage Subsidy program, with more information to be released on Monday.

  1. Online Meetings

We have also had enquires regarding how sessions, congregations and presbyteries can meet and make decisions while we maintain physical distancing. Zoom has proven to be good way to hold online meetings. Meetings can use video or telephone conferencing – or a combination of the two. You can learn more about Zoom at Grace McCreary, at the national office, is happy to offer additional support.

  1. Digital Donations

Some congregations have expressed concerns about the possibility of reduced financial support during the pandemic. We know ministry does not stop even though we can’t gather for worship in person. There are a variety of ways our members and adherents can continue to support God’s mission even while we are living in a kind of isolation from each other. Some churches have arranged to have a safe place for people to drop off donations. Others have encouraged their people to use their offering envelopes as usual and mail them to the church or some other appropriate place. Still others have started to use PAR or expanded their use of it. People will find more information at Jim is available to help individual congregations if there are questions about these resources.

With prayers for faith, hope and love,

General Assembly Office


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