How’s It Going? A Sunday School Leader Check-in

photo by Chris Montgomery, Unsplash

Back in September I hosted a number of Zoom meetings to talk about hybrid options for Sunday schools this fall. We had some great conversations about all of the possibilities, but perhaps even more, we enjoyed the opportunity to check-in and care for each other as we shared what we all were planning to do in this new context.

As one of these meetings finishing up a person who had been pretty quiet throughout the gathering asked, “Could we do this again? Maybe later this fall? Just to find out how we all are doing?”

What a great idea!

So, let’s do it.

If you would like to join a Zoom meeting just to check-in, hear how others are faring, offer caring support and fresh ideas for things that have worked for you, and get your Sunday school questions answered then mark Tuesday, November 24, at 7 pm (ET) on your calendar for a helpful Zoom get-together. Then email me, Tori Smit, at and ask for your Zoom meeting invite to be emailed to you right away.

Our meeting will last for one hour – I promise. If some people want to stay on after that to keep chatting that’s okay, but otherwise the meeting will officially end at 8 pm.

Everyone is welcome – whether you’ve joined us before or are a Zoom first-timer, whether you’re a Sunday school teacher, assistant, superintendent, CE Committee member and/or clergy person, and whether you’re from the Synod of CNOB, the PCC or beyond I hope to see you there.

Knowing that you are not alone in all of this can make all the difference these days. So, bring your notepad, something to drink, a tasty treat and your true self – we’re there for you.

Blessings, Tori (

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