Free Money!

Did you read that right? Yes – money for free!

Michelle Spollen – Unsplash

As Covid restrictions have continued, two things are happening. First I spend way too much time in front of a screen, often on the same old websites. Second, it seems like every time I open my email or answer the phone, there is a new scam for me to be fooled by. It never ends.

A few years ago, I discovered a way in which you might legitimately find, not free money, but lost money through the Bank of Canada website. I have rediscovered it during Covid. You may be aware that, in Canada, if a bank account goes unused for more than ten years it is transferred to the Bank of Canada. The Bank of Canada is required to keep accounts of less than one thousand dollars for thirty years while larger accounts must be kept for 100 years. You may not be aware that you can search for and recover these accounts through the Bank of Canada Search Engine.

A few years I found an account with over $7000 in belonging to a closed congregation in our presbytery. The trustees of the denomination have been able to reclaim this money for ministry! Last week I found two more accounts that we are in the process of recovering.  I have even found a dormant bank account belonging to my brother-in-law!

Take a look; you never know what you might find. Search your name or your church’s name. Try the name of your town or key words like “Presbyterian” or “youth” or “camp” or “Sunday school.” You will be amazed at how many forgotten funds still exist and I promise you will have fun doing it!

The search engine is found at:

Happy hunting, and, please let us know if you find something! 

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