If Not In-Person Sunday School, Then What?

Has your church decided to delay in-person Sunday school for children under the age of twelve or, are you looking to provide a variety of in-person and virtual Sunday school options that will allow the church to welcome all children to Sunday school whether or not everyone is comfortable with a return to in-person gatherings?

If you missed out on our Zoom workshop last week on Alternative Options you can still view the videoed portion of the workshop that outlines six options for churches to consider. There’s a helpful handout too that includes many links to wonderful websites and resources mentioned in the video.

So, grab a cup of tea, a comfortable chair, and maybe a journal to take a few notes.

But, before you click on the video, click here to download the handout first. It will make more sense if you have it close by as you watch the video.

Once you have the handout click here to be taken to the 30 minute youtube video of the workshop.

I hope you find it helpful for your church as you consider the many options you have this fall with the children of your church.

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