Checklist for In-Person Children’s Ministry

I just got this great resource today that your church might be interested in using.

It is a very helpful and detailed checklist for all in-person children’s and youth ministry programming that takes place in your church building during the our current phase of the pandemic. This checklist comes to us from the Diocese of Toronto with the Anglican Church of Canada. While it is not a document of the Presbyterian Church in Canada it does serve as a very helpful resource for our churches to be guided by.

The checklist has guidelines for the preparation of children’s and youth ministry spaces including cleaning protocols and room arrangement information; the responsibility of volunteers with regard to health care checks and hygiene; protocols for food, drinks, washroom visits, masks, hand washing and hand sanitizer, classroom materials, and singing when children and youth are in class; and similar youth ministry protocols. In many ways this list will be very helpful for any programming for any age if it occurs in church rooms beyond the sanctuary.

Thank you to the Diocese of Toronto for sharing this document with us.

Click here to download ‘A Checklist for Children’s Ministry; Amber Phase, July, 2021

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