An Interactive Google Slide for Holy Week

There are so many stories to read and hear during Holy Week; from the excitement of the crowds on Palm Sunday to the quiet of the garden where Jesus went to pray, from the shock at Jesus’ arrest to his undeserved death a day later and finally to the extreme joy of the resurrection on Easter Sunday. Each day builds on the previous day revealing God’s deep and grace-filled love for this world.

For younger ones many of the stories we tell during Holy Week can be difficult to understand and even scary. Well-written children’s bible story books help us to share these stories from scripture with children in ways that are more accessible and appropriate for their age. For this reason this interactive Google Slide has been loaded with videos of wonderfully written and told stories for Holy Week. It is here for you to upload onto your churches website or Facebook page so families can visit each day throughout Holy Week to hear these stories together.

To upload the Google Slide onto your website and/or church Facebook page just click on the link at the bottom of this page and you will be taken to the slide itself. From there you can copy the url for your church’s media sites. You might want to take a screen shot of the slide first, upload the screen shot to your website and then attach the url to the screen shot so people get to see what the slide will hold for them. If you don’t have a website or Facebook page you can always attach a link to the Google slide in an email sent to church homes.

Let your congregation know that the slide is there for them to connect with each day of Holy Week. You could even use one of the videos in worship to tell the story and demonstrate how families can make use of the slide. Let everyone know that on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday there are actually two links to click on. They’ll discover a palm branch colouring sheet when they click on the can of pencil crayons and a song to sing for Easter Day when they click on the choir.

If your church has been using the devotional booklet Our Journey Through Lent: Reading Through the Gospel of Mark (found HERE) this Google Slide will connect smoothly with the daily bible readings and reflections for each day.

Thank you to the very special people who kindly said ‘yes’ to recording themselves reading these wonder-filled stories for us. They are Emily Hill, Laura Alary, Daniel Cho, Stuart McDonald, Kristine O’Brien, Carol Wehrheim, and Martin Smit (teaching us an Easter song).

Click HERE to download the Holy Week Google Slide.

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